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🎮 Gaming Adventure:

Akino Inu brings you an immersive gaming experience like no other.
Engage in captivating gameplay that rewards your skills and strategy.


Collect unique and rare NFTs that showcase your achievements and enhance your in-game assets.
Trade, showcase, and own a piece of the AKI universe.


🕹ī¸ Click-To-Earn Fun: Akino Inu offers a unique and simple way to earn tokens. With just a click, you can take a spin and farm valuable tokens. It's easy, it's exciting, and it's all in the click of a button.

⚡ Stamina: Manage your stamina wisely, as each round consumes one. Your stamina is calculated based on your card rarity.

🃏 Common Cards: The foundation of your collection, Common Cards are the starting point for every Akino Inu enthusiast. While they may be the most accessible, they play a crucial role in building your card arsenal. As you gather and upgrade them, Common Cards pave the way for your journey to greatness.

🌟 Rare Cards: Rare Cards are the first glimmer of the extraordinary. Unveiling a Rare Card is a moment of excitement, as they hold more significant potential than their Common counterparts. Collecting and mastering these cards can provide you with a competitive edge as you navigate the world of Akino Inu.

✨ Epic Cards: Epic Cards are where the adventure truly begins. With their striking designs and unique abilities, these cards are the crown jewels of your collection. Earning or discovering an Epic Card is a cause for celebration, as they grant you access to higher rewards and set you on the path to becoming an Akino Inu legend.

🌟 Legendary Cards: Legendary Cards are the stuff of legends. Rare and elusive, they possess unparalleled power and prestige. Acquiring a Legendary Card is a defining moment in your Akino Inu journey, signifying your ascent to the upper echelons of card collectors. These cards unlock the most coveted rewards and grant you unparalleled influence in the game.

🎁 Discovering Cards: Cards in Akino Inu can be obtained through two exciting avenues. You can purchase them to expand your collection and refine your strategy. Alternatively, indulge in the thrill of opening surprise boxes to uncover the mystery within. Each unboxing is a moment of anticipation, as you may stumble upon a hidden gem that can alter the course of your adventure.

Akino Inu cards are more than just collectibles; they're the heart and soul of your gameplay. As you gather, trade, and master these cards, you'll uncover their unique abilities and harness their potential to conquer challenges and earn your place among Akino Inu's elite.

Are you ready to embrace the magic of Akino Inu cards? Whether you're seeking Common, Rare, Epic, or Legendary treasures, the adventure awaits.


Pedro Thiago Zanfrilli